So when it came time and I was asked to be a part of ‘I’m No

Once upon a time, there were two fashion seasons: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Fast forward to 2014 and the fashion industry is churning out 52 “micro seasons” per year. With new trends coming out every week, the goal of fast fashion is for consumers to buy as many garments as possible, as quickly as possible..

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canada goose outlet toronto factory One canada goose outlet store montreal of the classic Nice Guy complaints is that women are only interested in jerks. This is usually said after their crush had the gall to date someone who actually asked her out instead of the guy who bought her so much unrequested coffee that she could have paid her phone bill by reselling it. “Jerk” makes us picture a stereotype who reeks of body spray and calls women sluts, but while that may be what Nice Guys are imagining, what they really mean is any guy who isn’t as scared as them to make a move canada goose outlet toronto factory.

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